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First, thank you for your service to our country. As one of our American Heroes, you are our primary focus. Getting you gainfully employed, the benefits you deserve, and meeting other needs as they arise is what we are all about. Now let’s talk employment.

Have you considered Heavy Equipment Operation as a career?

Whether you are a military veteran transitioning from active duty service, a reservists on or off active duty, or are fully separated from the armed forces, there has never been a better time for you to explore the well-paid career path of the heavy equipment operator.

With the world and national economies taking a huge upswing, building is taking place everywhere you look. And none of that building can begin without the use of heavy equipment. Add to that the normal maintenance on America’s millions of miles of roadways, specialized equipment at ports and mines, and you have a fantastic career path of opportunities.

Training is just six weeks. You can use your GI Bill. 911 Education benefits, student loans, private loans, Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, and more. If you don’t have any benefits available, there are opportunities to borrow the funds for your education with easy repayment plans after. There are also scholarships available to some prospective students.

Part of the solutions we provide for our men and women in and out of uniform is guidance in how to go to the community and raise the funding you need to augment what your GI bill or other benefits will not cover. Some of you all that have been in the military have been out for so long that your benefits have expired, we’ll work with you on that.

Here are a few words about the training facilities that we work with to get you your heavy equipment skills development:

-- Just SIX weeks. Then you are working.

-- The program has the most actual equipment operating time of any school of six weeks in America today. This is necessary because hands on is mandatory in you becoming competent at equipment operation. You will get approximately 170 hours actual personal operating time.
-- The classroom modules teach you topics including excavation calculations, equipment safety, site payout and blueprint reading, intro to project management, and much more.
-- The Career Services Department has a very high rate of success in graduates in locating good paying jobs throughout the United States. During Level 1, they assist you in a formulating winning resume’s as well as teaching you interviewing skills.

During Level 2, they assist you in locating jobs wherever you are in America. As a student, you will also get an email every week from the school for as long as you have an active email with them. So in essence, they help long after you graduate.
-- All of the equipment has built in state-of-the-art two way radios so that students and instructors have immediate communication. This is invaluable to teach and coach you in all aspects of Equipment Operation. Many other schools use a flag system which is helpful for a productive HE education.
-- Other schools assign two or more students to one piece of equipment which substantially cuts down operating time and your progress developing in operating abilities. At this school, you will get your own piece of equipment assigned to you every day that you use out in the field.
-- All of the training equipment has enclosed cabs with heat and air conditioning. This allows the you to enjoy a climate-controlled, comfortable environment which helps you focus on learning.
-- The strongest asset at the school is the owner. He has owned and managed a very large excavation and development company for nearly 30 years. He knows this industry extremely well and knows what it takes to be successful in the Heavy Construction Industry. He has directly incorporated his lifetime of success and knowledge into their training and certification program.
-- Not paid for by tuition, but instead paid for by the owner, is your room and round-trip transportation for students. It is his way of giving back to you for your service to our country.

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